Oonagh McMeel | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

Oonagh McMeel was centrally involved in the organisation of EMODnet’s first Open Sea Lab in 2017. Oonagh joined the EMODnet Secretariat in 2015. She holds a BSc and a PhD in molecular genetics and worked as a molecular biologist for more than ten years in a range of academic and government institutions including the National University of Ireland, Galway, the Northern Ireland Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute and the Irish Marine Institute. Her research focused primarily on salmonid conservation, management and selective breeding for fisheries and aquaculture. Having moved to Belgium in 2009, Oonagh worked as a Senior Scientist with a Belgian Research Consultancy, before joining the Seascape team at the EMODnet Secretariat. Having returned to Ireland in 2017, Oonagh remains working with Seascape Belgium and continues to provide support to the Secretariat. She is delighted to be fully immersed in Open Sea Lab again!

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