David Currie

I’m the Team Leader for Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services Data at the Marine Institute in Ireland.

I have a huge interest in making better use of fisheries data, and seeing what tools can be built to make it more widely available. I co-chaired the ICES Data and Visualisation Hackthon (WKINVITED) last year and that produced some really interesting outputs that are now being further developed. I think this format can be a great way of getting different people to work together, particularly in creating a forum where programmers and scientists can work together.

RSQLBack end developmentOther programming languagesDatabases and programming, Fisheries dataShiny, Docker, Java

Laurent Dubroca

A marine ecologist with a keen interest in statistics, and physics, and computing, and electronics, and...

Physical oceanographyBiologyGeologyAquacultureGISRSQLOther programming languagesStatisticsMarine data (satellite, modelling, fishery, physics, ecology...)

Jordan Moss

A masters student in fisheries management with a keen interest in fisheries modelling.

I have always been interested in the modelling and statistical side of fisheries and the hackathon seems like a great opportunity to meet people working in different field who share my passion for marine life and computers. I also want to gain extra experience in the area and see how to mange and manipulate large data-sets.

BiologyAquacultureGISRMarine Environmental Management & Protection

Ibrahim Umar

I'm a programmer at the Institute of Marine Research Norway. My work spans from raw data processing to assessment and management strategic tools.

I really would like to contribute to the advancement of the ocean and marine research fields and I also would like to extend my network among the ocean and fisheries related programmers and hackers :)

GISPythonRSQLFront end developmentBack end developmentOther programming languagesMarine Environmental Management & ProtectionComputer science

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