Wout Duthoo

Wout Duthoo is currently working as a user research expert and innovation manager in the living lab team of imec, the Belgium-based R&D and innovation hub in digital technology. With a background in neuroscience and a PhD in cognitive psychology, he shifted from academia to industry and started working for research agencies specialized in usability testing and qualitative research. In his current position, he aims to combine his academic background, methodological expertise and user research skill set in challenging and innovative living lab projects.

Expertises and interests

  • User research
  • Testing
  • Solution Design


Michael Rademaker

Michael Rademaker is currently working as AI and ML expert within the Application Prototyping Team at imec. They are building data and model driven solutions (both applications and systems) in collaboration with industry, government and artists, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Michael started out as a bio-engineer but went progressively further towards applied mathematics and now finds himself ML & AI engineer. As such, the Data Visualisation and Machine Learning workshops will be focused on practical applications of predictive modeling techniques within the biological world and the human impact on it.

Expertises and interests

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence


Kaatje Boury

Kaatje Boury is combining governmental projects with IoT-oriented outcomes, bootcamps, sprints & SME-cases with an interest in experience sampling at imec.livinglabs. She started as a junior researcher at imec.livinglabs in January 2017, after working on a temporary project of mict (UGent University) with wearables in a sport context. One of the first SME-cases she conducted was a smart cities case with smart street lighting where she made use of the existing technology (namely smart street lighting based on sensors) to take the context into account for the innovation (smart street lighting based on GPS signals).

Expertises and interests

  • User research: exploration, co-creation & testing


Joris Finck

As innovation manager at imec.livinglabs, Joris Finck looks at the business side of innovation. He challenges innovation teams on aspects of the business model, making sure a competitive & coherent business model is designed. Next to this he helps to make the business model quantitative by crunching the financials. Joris holds a master’s degree in Corporate Finance (Ghent University) and is Business Model Specialist at Imec. In his leisure time Joris loves to travel & dive.

Expertises and interests

  • Innovation Management
  • Business Design





Aron-Levi Herregodts

Aron-Levi Herregodts is Innovation Manager at imec.livinglabs. He holds master’s degrees in Communication Sciences (2013) and Complementary Business Economics (2014). He is the imec.livinglabs product owner of Innovatrix and applies this methodological approach on a day-to-day basis to a wide-variety of innovation projects.

Expertises and interests

  • Innovation Management
  • Facilitation
  • Innovation Coaching


Annabel Georges

Annabel Georges is an Innovation Manager at imec.livinglabs in Belgium. Annabel holds a Master's degree in Communication Sciences from Ghent University, with a specialization in New Media and Society. In 2013 she started as a Living Lab researcher, conducting user research for more than twenty innovation projects. By using her expertise in innovation projects Annabel became Innovation Manager in 2018 in which she also takes the role as a product owner in order to manage innovation projects.

Expertises and interests

  • User research – Field testing
  • Innovation Management - Scrum



Dimitri Schuurman

Dimitri Schuurman is Team Lead User Experts at imec.livinglabs and a Senior Researcher at imec-mict-Ghent University in Belgium. He holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences from Ghent University.

Together with his imec colleagues, Dimitri developed a specific living lab offering targeted at entrepreneurs in which he has managed over 100 innovation projects. Dimitri is responsible for the methodology and academic valorization of these living lab projects and coordinates a dynamic team of living lab researchers. His main interests and research topics are situated in the domains of open innovation, user innovation, and innovation management.

His PhD thesis was entitled Bridging the Gap between Open and User Innovation? Exploring the Value of Living Labs as a Means to Structure User Contribution and Manage Distributed Innovation.

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