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StartUp Village, Antwerp

Antwerp has a fast-growing startup scene and is host to many and various innovative incubation-phase initiatives. In StartupVillage, the City of Antwerp breathes live into the digital innovation ecosystem by providing affordable office space in the city center, close to major Antwerp incubators such as the CoFoundry  and other startup initiatives, for example the data visualisation platform, Datylon and, of course imec's City of Things.

The De Serre venue is an innovative business and events facility in Antwerp’s StartUp Village and will play host to Open Sea Lab. It provides a venue for start-ups, large companies, mentors and investors to meet each other in an innovative and dynamic environment, in the historic centre of Antwerp. ‘De Serre’ is a Dutch reference to the greenhouse at the adjacent botanical garden and was chosen to reflect the fact that De Serre will provide a breeding ground for new IT applications.